2023 is a year that will be defined by the creator.

Importance of creative

With the growth of connected TV, the battle for consumer attention will be a huge focus for brands in 2023.

That means the role of the creative will be even more important.

After all, only ads that engage, entertain and are interactive will stand out from the crowd.

Those brands that prioritise the look and feel of their ads, whilst ensuring the creative resonates on the right channels, are more likely to see strategic growth.

Representation behind the camera

There's been a lot of discussion, and some progression, around representation in media - and quite rightly so.

However, my hope for 2023 is that the same desire for change is applied to representation behind the camera.

Too often, we see crews assembled with such little notice that diversity is often thrown aside in order to meet deadlines.

However, there is a wealth of experienced talent that can be tapped into - if eyes are opened and networks are widened.