News publishers' digital products are expected to attract growing advertiser spend through a challenging 2023.

According to the Advertising Association / WARC Expenditure Report, published in January 2023, national newsbrands' online ad revenue is forecast to grow by 1%.

While that may not sound like much, it out-strips a forecast 0.4% growth in TV ad spend.

It also comes as channels like online classified, direct mail and magazine are all forecast to see reduced ad spend.

Overall, the report expects a 3.8% growth in UK ad spend during 2023.

In recent years, news publishers have worked hard to build audiences across a range of platforms, and to offer ad buyers a range of services.

The latest forecast comes as publishers offer ad buyers techniques like use of publisher first-party data and the ability to bring their own data segments.

Such techniques are seen as a key way publishers can maintain, or even enhance, targetability amid the declining reliability of traditional digital identifiers like cookies.